Wonder Slave is a high-quality BDSM game & villain sex simulator with well-known superheroines for your PC, Mac, or any Android device!

You can even play online, so there is no need to download the game!

     Play as a Villain to enslave and corrupt superheroes to get Unlimited Power in the City!

Wonder Slave trainer game english-russian

Top 5 Wonder

  • Play as a Supervillain! Help Harley & Joker to fight the cheeky Superhero Bitches!
  • Catch & corrupt the most famous Superhero Sluts!
  • Enjoy a cool D&D training/fight system!
  • Get the most hardcore 3D scenes in 4K quality!
  • It’s over 9000 combinations of hot as Hell XXX dialogues & renders by a cool 3D artist Zuleyka!

Give heroines what they

I’ll tell you what you get!

You get what you f**king deserve!

The Joker

Be cool! Be

I know the voices in my head aren’t real, but sometimes their ideas are absolutely awesome!!!
Harley Quinn

wonder slave version 0.4

Get your

Desire becomes surrender.

Surrender becomes power.

The Joker

Wonder Slave Trainer game v0.5

Top 5 reasons to play as a

  1. Meet a pretty superheroine
  2. … and get a number kidnap her.
  3. Girls like bad boys 😉 So that…
  4. Train your heroes as sex slaves!
  5. No one remembers good guys!

Wonder Slave game version 0.6 poster

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We’ve cookies the most Evil Hentai in the DarkNet!

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