Wonder Slave is a high-quality BDSM game & villain sex simulator with well-known superheroines for your PC, Mac, or any Android device!

You can even play online, so there is no need to download the game!

     Play as a Villain to enslave and corrupt superheroes to get Unlimited Power in the City!

Wonder Slave trainer game english-russian

Top 5 Wonder

  • Play as a Supervillain! Help Harley & Joker to fight the cheeky Superhero Bitches!
  • Catch & corrupt the most famous Superhero Sluts!
  • Enjoy a cool D&D training/fight system!
  • Get the most hardcore 3D scenes in 4K quality!
  • It’s over 9000 combinations of hot as Hell XXX dialogues & renders by a cool 3D artist Zuleyka!

Top 5 reasons to play as a

  1. Meet a pretty superheroine
  2. … and get a number kidnap her.
  3. Girls like bad boys 😉 So that…
  4. Train your heroes as sex slaves!
  5. No one remembers good guys!

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We’ve cookies the most Evil Hentai in the DarkNet!

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