Wonder Slave Trainer | Episode 0.2


Wonder Slave Trainer
  • Meet a New Friend – Catwoman & Her special BDSM Store.
  • 2 New Punishments & 5 Sex Events (0.2 Content will be opened after +25 Mind Control).
  • “Discount” XXX lesbian & futanari Events with Poison “Futa” Ivy & Catwoman.
  • New renders with Harley & Joker in the Main Training Menu (after +25 Mind Control).
  • New music (based on Mind Control progress) & a lot of hot sounds for all events!
  • Minor bug fixing.


Wonder Slave Trainer

Harley & Joker get a new level of Mind Control of Wonder Woman! So new trainings & punishments are waiting for you after you’ll get +25 Mind Control.

A new friend – Catwoman is waiting to have fun with your Wonder Slave too!

Wonder Slave Trainer

Poison Ivy grew a dick and ready for experiments!

Wonder Slave Trainer

It’s a wonderful time for a lesbian & futanari XXX party!

Wonder Slave Trainer

Let your slave please your friends and you can get a great discount to buy new powerful BDSM devices!

Wonder Slave Trainer

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