Wonder Slave Trainer: Episode 0.3 & Minions vs Agents

Wonder Slave – Episode 0.3 is focusing on Hardcore BDSM Trainings and there’s a special Secret Agents vs Minions system as a major update in the game.

At first, you’ll have fun with 3 types of hardcore fetishes to train your Wonder Slave and two new punishments for your superhero slaves.

New Punishments

Humiliation Marks Punishment

Public Humiliation is a powerful weapon for a modern villain to fight against the bold superheroines who are trying to destroy all you love.

Public Pillory

The powerful BDSM Punishments help you keep your slave well mannered for main Hardcore superhero slave training.

Slave Trainings

Wonder Slave Deepthroat trainer
Deepthroat Training

A true villain knows how to show superhero bitches their place!

wonder-slave-trainer anal 0.3
Anal Slave Training

Anal Training is one of the most important parts of your Wonder Slave training.

Double Penetration Wonder Slave
Double Penetration Slave Training – Superhero Sandwich!

Two villains can always defeat one cheeky superhero!

Let your minions have fun too!

Agents of League

Black Widow - Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Black Widow

When the Justice League finds out about your new sex toy, they’ll try to disrupt your evil plans and will send the powerful Agent – Black Widow to save the prisoner.


Agents Black Widow - Equipment Sabotage - Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Black Widow – Equipment Sabotage

Agents will try to sabotage in your villain’s lair and destroy your favorite BDSM toys, the ones you love so much.

So it can be extremely dangerous for all your evil plans and will stop slave training!

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Black Widow – Steal Money

Black Widow can steal all of your money and you’ll say goodbye to your dreams about World Domination.

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Agent of Justice League – The Release of Wonder Slave

The worst thing – the agent can release your prisoner and super angry superhero will make a puddin’ out of you!

Your Minions

Are you scared about the Agents of the League?!

Don’t worry young villain! You’ve got Minions!

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Minions are catching up to the Agent

If you’re a smart villain and don’t forget to pay your minions their salary, they try to catch those annoying super agents… Hurray!

Super Agent – Using Super Secret Martial Arts

But if your minions are too weak the agent can destroy their asses in an instant.

Maybe they need some deadly Kung Fu trainings? (Ask Catwoman in WST 0.4-0.5)

(Ask Catwoman in WST 0.4-0.5)
Sometimes your Minions will not be beaten as usuall by superheroines! You’ve to be happy!
black widow in troubles hentai
The Agent was catched! Hurray!

Sometimes even your stupid Minions can do their job well and catch the cheeky spy bitch!

Agent in Prison

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
The Agent in Your Scary Prison

As any respectful Villain you’ve to send the Hero to your dark and scary Prison.

Black Widow – Special Interrogation!

Then to follow classic rules for Villains you should to start the Hero Interrogation.

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Make their superhero asses suffer!

Make these annoying super agents suffer and they’ll tell you all secrets of Justice League.

Black Widow fuck with Harley and Joker -Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Sharing is Caring!

Maybe it helps you to find a weak sides of the next annoying brave superheroes that dare come to your villain’s lair and defeat them all! ­čśë

Wonder Slave trainer game 0.3
Well-fucked Agent can’t do any sabotage!

Regulary fucking captured Agents you’ll neutralize them and have a time to finish the main Slave Training.

And corrupt the most powerful fighter of Justice League! Ha-ha-ha!

But be careful, the Agents can easily escape, if you forget about them…


We added a lot of cool 3D hentai animations to the Wonder Slave 0.3 as rewards for the mind control progress.

Each time you corrupt a superheroine you’ll get a hot hardcore video as a special XXX reward ­čśë

Have a luck in the Wonder Slave Training, young Villain!

Wonder Slave Trainer 0.3.9 is out now.


v. 0.3.9


  • A new video: Futa Ivy vs Wonder Woman.
  • A new Gameplay Mechanic: ÔÇťDrinkÔÇŁ that allows you to temporarily increase the strength of your minions.


  • Black Widow starting stats were slightly decreased.


  • Double Catwoman discount event.
  • Black Widow sabotage event translation.
  • Night Event camera message bug.
  • Black Widow appearing bug.
  • Deepthroat event bug.

v. 0.3.8

  • Added 8 new animations (with Catwoman and Poison Ivy) in 4k resolution.
  • Minor bug fixing.

v. 0.3.7

  • Added 12 new hardcore animations in 4K: deepthroat, anal, double penetration training.
  • Improved video stability on Android.
  • Added switch Off/On all animations option (Talk ÔÇô Harley ÔÇô Video On\Off).

v. 0.3.5

  • 3 New XXX Interrogation events with Black Widow.
  • 15 lesbian animations in 4K top quality with Harley and Wonder Woman.
  • Over 105 new unique HD renders.
  • Minor bug fixing.

Support us on Zuleyka’s Patreon to



Do you have any questions?

Ask us in the #wonder_slave channel on our XXX Discord!

Or in the comments below ­čśë

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